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New-to-you fashion

curated just for you

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Repair and Refit to keep loving your favorites

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ReDye and ReDesign what's not working into new styles


Keep you closet fresh and your clothing out of landfill

The most sustainable fashion subscription

So that you can show up as your best self everyday, in a way that's actually healthy for the planet

Affordable, Customizeable, Sustainable

This is Regenerative Fashion!

We offer 2 levels of Circular Fashion Subscriptions or On-Demand Shipments


Circular Style Box

Discover 3 new-to-you styles curated just for you,

and recycle as much as will fit in the return bag

just $45 per month + shipping!

Circular Closet Hero

Get everything from Level 1 plus, 

Repair, Refit, ReDye and/or ReDesign 1 clothing item per month!  $95 per month + shipping!

What does Circularity mean?

Keeping products and materials in use to give nature the space it needs to regenerate

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