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Keep loving your clothes with our repair services!  From replacing buttons, broken zippers, and worn out elastic to patching holes, shaving knits and reinforcing seams.  We've got you covered.


How it works:

  1. Purchase this service for $18 (our minimum service charge which includes all basic repairs described below). 
  2. Use the text boxes to describe in detail your garment and what needs to be fixed for you to start wearing it again.  Please see our complete list of Items We DO NOT Service.   Please read below for expected prices for most common types of repairs.
  3. Use safety pins to indicate all places on the garment that need to be fixed to ensure we see and address all damages and needed repairs.
  4. Pack your garment in your own packaging, or in the bag we provided you, and ship to us using your preferred shipping provider.  You can also drop off your item if you are local to Los Angeles.  Complete shipping/drop-off instructions will be provided in your order confirmation email.  We do not reimburse for any inbound shipping costs.
  5. Once we receive your garment, please allow up to 14 days to perform all requested repairs. 
  6. Upon completion, you will be emailed a click-to-pay invoice to cover any additional funds required beyond your $18 prepayment .  If your garment requires more complicated work than what is outlined here, we will contact you before beginning work to approve any additional costs of repair.   
  7. Once any additional payments are received, we will ship your repaired garment back to you or let you know that it is ready to be picked up.


Price List of Most Common Repairs:

All funds above your $18 prepayment will be due upon completion of the repair.  Invoices are easy to pay using your preferred payment method.


Basic Repairs $18 (no additional charge will be due):

  • Reattach buttons - please include the buttons to be reattached. 
  • Resew seams that have come loose or fallen hemlines.
  • Patch or stitch up 1-3 smaller moth holes.  Place safety pins at all smaller holes to ensure we see all of them.
  • Replace or refeed drawstrings.


Common Repairs $25:

  • Replace broken zipper pulls.
  • Replace up to 5 buttons because some are missing.
  • Patch or stitch up multiple holes and large tears and rips.  
  • Repair rips and tears to crotch area of pants (solid colors and denim)
  • Replace worn out elastic that is not sewn down in place.   (include your body measurement of where the elastic should sit, so we can ensure proper fit)
  • Give a fabric shave to balled-up knits to smooth them out again (shirts and sweaters that aren't long)


Common Repairs $35:

  • Replace entire zippers
  • Replace worn out elastic that is sewn down into place.  (include your body measurement of where the elastic should sit, so we can ensure proper fit)
  • Visible patching of multiple or larger rips, tears to crotch-area of pants and knees (prints and patterns will be matched as best as possible but we can't guarantee exact color/pattern matching)
  • Give a fabric shave to balled-up knits to smooth them out again (longer sweaters, cardigans and full-length garments)


Complex Repairs $50+:

  • Repairing and reattaching linings.





If you aren't sure about the repairs you need, please email us so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.  



Clothing Repairs and Garment Maintenance