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What's our Circular Closet Subscription like? Explainer video

Each month, you get to Discover new-to-you clothing, ReDesign styles you already own into the styles you really want, and Recycle what you don't want anymore. Watch as we open one of our customer's return shipments and see what she wants us to repair, redye and/or redesign this month, as well as what new styles we'll send back to her.

Here's what we sent back to her - you can see how we ReDyed her two sweaters to hide stains.

ReDesigning 2 garments per month includes any work you want/need done to each garment. For example, in these two videos:

  • We covered some stains on a wool sweater by adding some contrasting patches and freshened it up with a fabric shave to remove all those little balls that accumulate on knits.

  • We covered some stains on a zip up jacket by giving it a marbly blue redye and replaced the broken zipper pull with a matching ribbon.

  • We covered stains on a different sweater by giving it a 3-tone ombre fade redye and then gave it a fresh fabric shave to smooth out the texture of the knit.

  • We covered stains on another cream-colored sweater by giving it a marbled tangerine with golden undertones ReDye.

And here's what we're working on for her next! There's so much we can do month to month to make your clothes work best for you! What aren't you wearing in your closet that you should be loving?

  • For this customer, we will also repair and patch a rip in the butt of some overalls and then added fun bright orange spots to give it a new personality.

  • We'll cover stains on a solid pink sweatshirt with some vibrant blue splashes and an accent color. Now she can keep wearing it!

Discover for yourself just how our Circular Closet Subscription can help you love your clothes all over again!


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