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Stately geometric print of gold, white and navy on a gray background.


$20 is price for 4 napkins


100% cotton vintage fabrics from the 1990s. 13inches x 13inches square dinner napkins are the perfect size for picnics, dinner parties, and everyday use! The print hides stains to keep your napkins looking fresh and new. Wash and dry in your normal cycle. 100% cotton.


13in x 13in napkins are smaller than the traditional 20in banquet napkin. BUT, once you see and use these napkins, you'll wonder why you ever needed such a big 20x20in napkin in the first place!


Stop throwing away paper napkins and make your home more sustainable by switching to cloth dinner napkins at every meal. Cut and sewn by our in-house production team in Los Angeles from vintage fabrics acquired from close family and friends.

Geometric Gray Gold White Navy Cloth Napkins: Set of4

  • Wash and dry in your normal cycle only when they feel like they need it (about every 2-3 uses). 100% cotton deadstock fabric. All of our cloth napkins are selected and made from vintage or deadstock fabrics in like-new condition.

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