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Jazz up your darker colored basics with a reverse tiedye bleaching effect.  This effect works beautifully with any black, dark-colored, or brightly vibrant colored cotton (or mostly cotton) garment.  This method essentially removes color (instead of adding color) and reveals a surprise new contrasting color in its place.  It's a great way to jazz up a boring basic, or even to keep wearing something that got stained or dingy.  


Black tees can turn orange, green, or lighter gray.  Blue tees can turn pink/purple or sometimes even green.  Red tees can turn pink and sometimes orange.  Green tees usually turn a lighter green.  Orange tees turn lighter orange.  Gray tees can turn green or light yellow.  It's often a total surprise!


Small Garments include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) tank tops and sleeveless tops, vests, crop tops, short shorts and skirts, 14" pillow cases and small cushion covers, cloth bags and totes, narrow scarves or capelets, etc.


Medium Garments +$10 include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) long-sleeve shirts and blouses, blazers and waist-length jackets, knee-length shorts and skirts, short dresses and rompers, knee-length sleeveless or short sleeve dresses, large pillow cases, small floor pouf covers, etc.


Large Garments +$20 include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) long jackets and cardigans, ankle-length dresses, knee-length and longer dresses with sleeves, medium length curtains, couch cushions, etc


Xtra Large Garments - Right now, we are NOT offering any ReDye services for wedding gowns, red carpet gowns, large rugs, full size blankets or quits, floor-ceiling curtains.  We will let you know when these services become available.  

Reverse TieDye - For Dark Clothes

PriceFrom $35.00