Circle Back with our Upcycling Program!
Wish you could make your old clothes new again?
Ready to revive your old favorites?
Just want it out of your closet because your never wear it?
Use our Circular Shipping to Upcycle your old clothes!
Some of the pieces we're currently working on... 
We accept any CLEAN clothing in adult or teen sizes.  Men's and  women's!

At this time, we DO NOT accept any:

  • undergarments, underwear or socks

  • children's or baby clothing

  • dirty or soiled clothing

  • shoes

Whenever you purchase one of our products, you can use our reusable shippers to send us any clothing you want to get rid of!
We'll upcycle it (or recycle it) into a new product that you'll be able to shop from here on our site!  Garments that are received in excellent, rewearable condition will be cleaned and added straight to our clothing bank in their current condition.
Everyone who participates in our UPCYCLING program will receive Promo Codes and Credits that can be used toward your next purchase of ANY item on our site!
Ready for some creative fun with upcycling?  Get started with our Circular Shipping when you purchase any of our existing products!
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