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Keep Post-Consumer Clothes out of Landfill
Ready for a closet clean out?
Earn rewards for the amount and quality of clothes received!

Once we receive and process your clean, unwanted clothing items, you'll earn credit to shop our site and refresh your closet with new styles - psst... try out our Mystery Box!

  1. Earn $1 reward per pound received

  2. Earn $1 reward per resellable item (Circular Closet Subscribers earn $2 per item!)

  3. Earn $1 reward per uncut yard of fabric (Circular Closet Subscribers earn $2 per yard!)

Ship in or drop off any CLEAN unwanted clothing!

What do we do with all those clothes?

  1. Each item is laundered, then inspected for quality.  Yes - we ask you to send in CLEAN clothes only and Yes - we do still launder everything that comes through our doors.

  2. Items in like-new condition with perceived value are recirculated through our Mystery Boxes and Shopping Events.

  3. Items that need work are Repaired, ReDyed, and/or ReDesigned into new products.

  4. Items we can't use are recycled locally with our Community Partners, keeping your clothes out of landfill and in the value chain!

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