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Pick the Circular Closet Subscription that's right for you!

All plans include: Free Roundtrip Shipping and Tax (the price you see is the price you pay!) Plus monthly Clothing Recycling (send in as much unwanted clean clothes and home textiles as will fit in the bag each month!). At this time plans are only available for customers in the United States.

  • Circular Closet Starter

    Every month
    Discover 3 and Recycle All each month!
    • Discover 3 new-to-you styles from our inventories
    • New-to-you styles from our Upcycled and Resale Collections
    • Tell us your size, fit and style preferences after check out
    • Keep what you love and send back what you don't
    • Plus Recycle any unwanted clothing, home textiles each month
    • Recycle as much CLEAN clothing as will fit in the bag!
    • Enjoy our Zero Waste Packaging - no boxes to break down!
    • Earn Rewards toward free months or to gift to your friends!
    • All plans include free roundtrip shipping and taxes.
  • Circular Closet Hero

    Every month
    Repair and/or ReDye 1, Discover 3 and Recycle All!
    • Everything the Starter plan offers plus these benefits:
    • Send us 1 garment per month to Repair and/or ReDye!
    • Any and all repairs included to love that garment again!
    • Stained, dingy, boring garments can get a fresh new ReDye!
    • Full service Repair and/or Redye to love that garment again!
    • Plus Discover 3 and Recycle as much as will fit in the bag
    • Earn rewards toward free months or give as gifts to friends
    • Free roundtrip shipping and taxes are included.
    • No annoying, wasteful packaging to throw away

Interested in our subscriptions but live outside the United States?  Send us an email and we'll send you updated pricing for your country
Have questions?  We have answers!
Or check out our individual products and services!
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