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Pick the Circular Closet Subscription that's right for you!

All plans include: Free Roundtrip Shipping and Tax (the price you see is the price you pay!) Plus monthly Clothing Recycling (send in as much unwanted clean clothes and home textiles as will fit in the bag each month!). At this time plans are only available for customers in the United States.

  • The Thrift Flipper

    Every month
    ReDesign 1 or Discover 2
    • Your choice! Each month choose to Discover 2 or ReDesign 1
    • Discover 2 new-to-you styles from our Resale inventory only
    • Tell us your sizes and style preferences after check out
    • Keep what you love and send back what you don't
    • Or ReDesign one garment you already own to keep loving it!
    • ReDesigns include Repair, Refit, ReDye and/or ReDesign
    • Receive your ReDesigned garment back in the next shipment
    • Update your choice as often as you want!
    • All plans include free roundtrip shipping and taxes.
    • Plus Recycle any unwanted clothing, home textiles each month
    • Enjoy our Zero Waste Packaging - no boxes to break down!
    • Earn Rewards toward free months or to gift to your friends!
  • The Style Icon

    Every month
    ReDesign 1 AND Discover 2+
    • Everything the Thrift Flipper offers plus these benefits:
    • You don't have to choose! ReDesign 1 AND Discover 2
    • Discover 2 from ALL of our inventory, not just resale items
    • Discover 2 includes our higher-end Upcycled Originals
    • ReDesigns include Repair, Refit, ReDye and/or ReDesign
    • ReDesign inspiration and complete instructions included
    • Leave feedback each month so we get to know you better
    • Make requests each month to receive more curated styles
  • The Power House

    Every month
    ReDesign 2 AND Discover 3++
    • Everything the Style Icon offers plus these benefits:
    • ReDesign 2 garments and Discover 3 new styles each month!
    • Plus useful home goods to make your home more sustainable
    • Receive a set of 4 vintage cloth napkins in surprise prints
    • Subscription can be shared by all adults in your household!
    • Each shipment will focus on one person, change users anytime
    • A great way to cycle through everyone's wardrobe!
    • And ensure your home is zero waste for all textiles!

Interested in our subscriptions but live outside the United States?  Send us an email and we'll send you updated pricing for your country
Have questions?  We have answers!
Or check out our individual products and services!
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