Our Commitment:

  • Every fabric we use is either vintage, from existing stock piles, or if it is a new fabric, it's recycled.
  • We make products that serve a specific purpose to advance the Circular Economy or the health of the public.
  • We produce every product locally and in small batches to reduce carbon emissions and support local economies.
  • All products are sewn and constructed in house by our high-skilled team members, assisted by technology.  We don't outsource anything to low-wage, assembly-line factories, so you neve
  • We are a Zero Waste company.  We use or recycle all fabric scraps, and we only print when necessary for shipping. 
  • We practice Circular Shipping! Your purchase will arrive in a reusable shipper (with no plastic polybags inside and no use of packing tape!)  It includes a pre-paid return label for you to send the shipper back to us.  Along with the shipper, we encourage you to send us any CLEAN clothing you no longer wear and we will upcycle it!  Learn more about our Circle Back Upcycling Program here!
  • We only print on 100% recycled paper, including all packing lists, shipping labels, and any marketing materials included in your shipment.
  • We do not practice "business as usual."  We question every traditional production practice and rethink new ways to reduce waste, increase efficiency and make the planet a better place to live.

Our Circular Shipping Program


Send back the black vinyl shipping pouch using the enclosed pre-paid return label!

For every 100 reusable shippers, we eliminate the consumption of:

  • 24,000 cardboard boxes,

  • 200 trees,

  • 500 gallons of oil,

  • and 373,800 gallons of water!


Each shipper is sanitized twice before it is packed with your purchase:

Before packing your order, the shipper is sanitized inside and out with a Clorox bleach wipe.  Each shipper that is returned to us is sanitized inside and out upon receipt and any clothing contents sent to us for our Upcycling Program are immediately washed.  Your safety (and ours) is our top priority.

Business Updates

Karri Ann Frerichs
Executive Director

About our Founder

Karri has been a fashion industry entrepreneur, innovator and professor since 2005.  Under Karri's direction, Circular Fashion LA is rethinking how fashion and other textile products can be produced to eliminate harmful environmental and social-economic impacts of the industry in which she has spent her entrepreneurial career.

CFLA has also been active working with Los Angeles city policy makers to introduce municipal textile recycling programs.  Karri is also actively involved with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

as a member of their From Linear To Circular Programme and as a host for a 2019 DIF conversation with LA City policy makers on implementing textile recycling as apart of Los Angeles's zero waste plans. 


Karri is currently writing curriculum for Woodbury University to offer it's first courses in "Circular Fashion Business Models" and coaches brands on How to Make the Circular Switch.   Karri has been a college professor since 2010, educating students studying fashion design at City College San Francisco, Academy of Art, and now Woodbury University.  She teaches the business of fashion and fashion production (from concept and design to manufacturing and sales/distribution).

Free shipping to the US on orders of $85+
Free international shipping on orders of $150+
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