What we do

​Every second on this planet, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothing and textiles is landfilled or burned, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's 2017 report, "A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future." 


We tackle the post-consumer side that problem by diverting preowned clothing and textiles from reaching landfill.  Every product we sell is made from these recovered materials.  We restore and resell high quality items, and we upcycle and redesign other items into fresh new styles that are all then sold direct to our customers using our Fit Match technology (launching early 2021).  And if we don’t have anything for you in our current closets, you can send us items from YOUR closet and we’ll redesign them into exciting new styles that will fit you better - see our ReDesign service (launching early 2021).

Our goal is to give customers a viable alternative to shopping for "new" clothes that are predominately made from virgin natural resources.  Our Fit-Match technology will take the guesswork and risk out of shopping for pre-owned clothing online and give customers the confidence that our clothing is high-quality, clean and will fit the way you want.

We make new products out of old textiles - leaving natural resources to nature
We upcycle old clothes into new clothes so they can be loved for longer and stay out of landfill!

Our Commitment:

  • We are a Zero Waste company.  Every fabric scrap is used and packaging is minimized - using only recyclable or compostable materials.

  • Every fabric we use is a recovered textile, and the materials we recover determine the products we offer - encouraging unique, creative and circular design. 

  • We offer every customer an easy way to send us their unwanted clothing for free using our Circular Shipping program.  All shipped orders include a pre-paid return label to send us unwanted clothing and our mailers are compostable and curbside-recyclable if the mailer isn't returned.

  • We produce every product locally in Los Angeles in small batches to reduce carbon emissions and support local economies.  All products are sewn and constructed in house by our high-skilled team members, assisted by technology.  We don't outsource anything to low-wage, assembly-line factories.

  • We only print on 100% recycled paper, including all packing lists, shipping labels, and any marketing materials included in your shipment.  All mailers are made from durable recycled paper and can be composted or recycled.  

  • We're committed to educating customers on the small steps they can take in their daily lives that have huge, positive environmental impacts.  

  • We do not practice "business as usual."  We question every traditional production practice and rethink new ways to reduce waste, increase efficiency and make the planet a better place to live.

Business Updates

Karri Ann Frerichs
Executive Director

About our Founder

Karri has been a fashion industry entrepreneur, innovator and professor since 2005.  Under Karri's direction, Circular Fashion LA is rethinking how fashion and other textile products can be produced to eliminate harmful environmental and social-economic impacts of the industry in which she has spent her entrepreneurial career.

CFLA has also been active working with Los Angeles city policy makers to introduce municipal textile recycling programs.  Karri is also actively involved with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

as a member of their From Linear To Circular Programme and as a host for a 2019 DIF conversation with LA City policy makers on implementing textile recycling as apart of Los Angeles's zero waste plans. 


Karri is currently writing curriculum for Woodbury University to offer it's first courses in "Circular Fashion Business Models" and coaches brands on How to Make the Circular Switch.   Karri has been a college professor since 2010, educating students studying fashion design at City College San Francisco, Academy of Art, and now Woodbury University.  She teaches the business of fashion and fashion production (from concept and design to manufacturing and sales/distribution).

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