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We're more than sustainable,
We're Regenerative Fashion

By keeping clothing out of landfill and giving it new life, we


avoid 70% emissions by not using new materials

avoid 85% water usage as compared to new cotton

give nature the space it needs to regenerate itself 

​Every second on this planet, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothing and textiles is landfilled or burned, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's 2017 report, "A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future." 


We are a California Social Purpose Corporation with the goal of tackling the dual problems of post-consumer clothing and textile waste, as well as over-consumption of natural resources by the fashion industry. 


Through our proprietary Wardrobe ReDesign platform we offer our customers the benefits of Upcycling-as-a-Service to achieve a better fitting, more unique wardrobe that's actually healthy for the planet.

We make new products out of old textiles - leaving natural resources to nature
We upcycle old clothes into new clothes so they can be loved for longer and stay out of landfill!

Our Commitment:

We are a Zero Waste company.  Every fabric scrap is used and single-use packaging is eliminated.

Every textile we use is recovered from the waste stream. 

Every customer gets an easy way to send us their unwanted clothing for free using our Circular Shipping program. 

Every product is made locally in Los Angeles to reduce carbon emissions and support local economies. 

We don't outsource anything to low-wage, assembly-line factories.

We only print on 100% recycled paper, and ensure promotional printouts are reusable.

All mailers are made from durable recycled materials and single-use mailers can be composted or recycled.  

We educate our audience on steps they can take that have positive environmental impacts.  

We do not practice "business as usual."  We question everything to reduce waste, increase efficiency and help the planet!

Business Updates

Karri Ann Frerichs
CEO and Founder

About our Founder

Karri Ann Frerichs has been a fashion industry entrepreneur and innovator since 2008, working in wholesale distribution, brand development and apparel manufacturing, with a focus on zero-waste, regenerative product development.  


She has taught the Business of Fashion to university students since 2010 and in her current position at Woodbury University, has also spearheaded the addition of Circular Economy curriculum since 2019.  In 2020, she became an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy Pioneer and mentor to the From Linear to Circular Programme, and also launched the Los Angeles Chapter of the Circular Economy Club.  


Circular Fashion LA is also an active member of the LA Cleantech Incubator and has been a LACI portfolio company since 2021.  

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