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Repair your Clothes

Mail in or Drop off!

Common Repairs and Pricing

Repair (1)_edited.png

Replace entire zipper $35+

Replace zipper pull $25

Repair (2)_edited.png

Replace elastic $25

Replace sewn-down elastic $35

Repair (3)_edited.png

Resew button(s) $18+

Replace buttons $25

Repair (4)_edited.png

Resew loose seams and fallen hemlines $18

Repair (5)_edited.png

Crotch, Knees, Elbows $25

Moth Holes $18+

Corner Tears $18+

Repair (6)_edited.png

Fabric Shave Smaller $25

Fabric Shave Larger $35

Repair (7)_edited.png

Reattach Lining $25+

Replace Lining $65+

Repair (8)_edited.png

Shorten Hem $18+

Take in Waist $25+

Limitations - What we don't do

Not sure about your repair?

Keep loving and wearing your favorite clothes with our Repair Services!

  1. Purchase our repair service for $18 and mail in or drop off your garment.

  2. We'll repair your garment and send you an invoice for any remaining funds due, see prices.  If your garment requires more complicated work than expected, we'll get your approval before charging fees above what's listed.   

  3. Once balance payment is received, we'll ship back your repaired garment or let you know it's ready for pick up!

Most common repairs are $18-$45

Have lots of Repairs and Alterations?

Consider our Monthly Subscription to Repair something each month, and Discover new-to-you items that can be altered to fit!

Or order a single shipment!

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