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If you have a specific idea of the Dye-Job you'd like to create, please describe it in the text box, including links to example images. 


For example - Give a white sweatshirt a pink tie-dye look and then add a large black heart to the center-back of the sweatshirt.  


Small Garments include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) tank tops and sleeveless tops, vests, crop tops, short shorts and skirts, 14" pillow cases and small cushion covers, cloth bags and totes, narrow scarves or capelets, etc.


Medium Garments include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) long-sleeve shirts and blouses, blazers and waist-length jackets, knee-length shorts and skirts, short dresses and rompers, knee-length sleeveless or short sleeve dresses, large pillow cases, small floor pouf covers, etc.


Large Garments include (any size: whether your an xs or a 3xl) long jackets and cardigans, ankle-length dresses, knee-length and longer dresses with sleeves, medium length curtains, couch cushions, etc


Xtra Large Garments - Right now, we are NOT offering any ReDye services for wedding gowns, red carpet gowns, large rugs, full size blankets or quits, floor-ceiling curtains.  We will let you know when these services become available.  



Custom Dye-Job - You tell us!

PriceFrom $35.00
  • After ReDyeing, your garment is washed using Rit Dye Color Stay Dye Fixative to ensure color fastness.  However, we do recommend you also wash your ReDyed item separately at first to ensure color-fastness.

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