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Discover the power and fun of dyeing clothes at home with our ReDye Kit! 

  • You'll get 3 ReDye-ready clothing styles picked to fit you (tell us your size, fit and style preferences after checkout). 
  • You also get our at-home DIY Redye starter kit using Rit Dye! 


Rit is widely available at your local grocery and craft stores and works great on a variety of fabrics and fiber blends.  It's also nontoxic, and sewer/septic-safe, which meets our minimum standards for sustainability.  We use Rit's Pro-line in bulk powder for all of our in-house dyeing projects and events, and using this stock, we've created these at-home kits so you can also get started with Rit!


We'll send you 3 redyeable garments that we've picked for you based on your size, fit and style preferences.  Use these styles, and the ReDye Kit to get started dyeing your own clothes at home.  Use these styles as practice, so you can feel free to experiment with colors and applications before starting on your own clothes.  Maybe one of these 3 new styles will become your new favorite piece!  This is your chance to have fun and find a more colorful version of your style. 


The ReDye Kit Includes 3 garments in your size, fit and style preference, plus:

  • 7 colors All-Purpose Powder Rit Dye (mix to make new colors!)
  • Rit Color Remover (works like bleach without the chlorine)
  • 1 bottle of Rit Color- Stay Dye Fixative (helps prevent bleeding)
  • 2 sets of gloves
  • 2 squeeze bottles (dishwasher safe)
  • Assorted rubber bands
  • QR Code Instructions - following the official Rit Dye Instructions


You will need to use your own containers, dish soap and vinegar as directed by fiber type via Rit Dye's official instructions.


Please Note:  Discolorations in items received for ReDye should be expected.  Every clothing item we send you has been laundered and inspected for quality.  You may receive an item that has a stain or discoloration, but it is otherwise in good condition.  These items are exactly what should be ReDyed to give them new life, because they are valuable except for the discoloration.  So let's fix them and give them new life together though ReDye!  


Subscribe monthly for 3 new garments each month plus refills, new colors, and new project ideas!

Dye Clothes at Home - DIY ReDye Kit

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ReDye Monthly
3 new styles, refills and projects suggestions each month!
$38.25every month until canceled

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