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Reverse tie-dye is a very fun way to add depth and additional color to any darker-colored tee!  This method essentially removes color (instead of adding color) and reveals a surprise new contrasting color in its place.  It's a great way to jazz up a boring basic, or even to keep wearing something that got stained or dingy.  


Black tees can turn orange, green, or lighter gray.  Blue tees can turn pink/purple or sometimes even green.  Red tees can turn pink and sometimes orange.  Green tees usually turn a lighter green.  Orange tees turn lighter orange.  Gray tees can turn green or light yellow.  It's often a total surprise!


Because we have a wide variety of colors in our inventory - we invite you to pick your preferred fit using the drop-down choices, then tell us your 2-3 preferred color choices in the text box.  Also enter your known measurements to ensure the best fit.


We rescue a wide variety of tees from the waste stream.  Every item we rescue gets cleaned and inspected for quality.  Once we upcycle it with our Reverse Tie-Dye treatment, we'll add our own branded Circular Fashion LA garment label and will keep all other care and fiber labels in tact.  


Most tees will be 100% cotton, but some tees can have a blend with some percentage of polyester or even spandex. 

Reverse Tie-Dye Tees