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Whether you Discover new-to-you items from our Curated Circular Closet Box or shop our unique Upcycled Collections, we have great, sustainable fashion options for you!  Need a Gift Card?


Our Curated Circular Closet Box is a fun way to discover new-to-you styles that have been picked just for you!  Plus use the same box to clean out your closet

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  1. Order your Curated Circular Closet Box.

  2. After checkout, fill in your sizes, fit preferences and types of styles you are looking for now.  Our in-house stylists will hand select the best available styles from our ever-evolving resale racks!

  3. Receive your Circular Closet Box and discover great fashion that's curated just for you!

  4. Use the same box to send back any clothing you no longer want and we'll upcycle or recycle it for you.  Circular Closet achieved!

All post-consumer clothes that come through our doors, whether collected at our events or sent to us directly by our customers, go through our cleaning and sorting/inspection process.  All items that are in like-new condition and that are deemed to be desirable to the right person are reserved for the Circular Closet Box.  This means, we have a constantly changing stock of great clothes that are looking for the right person to love them! 


The Curated Circular Closet Box is better than thrifting or shopping second-hand.  Why?  Because, first and foremost - every item is laundered and inspected for quality.  Secondly, you don't have to sift through second-hand racks yourself - we do that for you and hand-select styles that match your size, fit preferences and the types of styles you are looking for now!  It's like your own personal second-hand shopper, who brings you fresh, clean, good-quality clothes!

What's more?  You can use the same box and the enclosed prepaid return shipping label to clean out your closets and send us any clean clothes you no longer want.  That's what makes your Closet Circular!  Discover new-to-you styles curated just for you and Recycle what you don't want anymore.

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