Circular Home

To make your home more sustainable, start by asking this simple question:


Our daily lives are filled with disposable and single-use products that are marketed as cheap and convenient. 

Choose Reusable products (like our cloth napkins and face masks).  Not only do reusable products save valuable natural resources and are better for the planet, but they also help you save money in your monthly budget AND reduce your household waste.

Principles of the Circular Economy

Look around your home, including the waste bin, and identify ways to apply these principles to your daily life:

  1. Design Out Waste. 

    • How much food do you throw away?  Did you eat all of your leftovers? 

    • How much plastic is in your waste bin?  Can you purchase products that eliminate plastic packaging?

  2. Keep Products and Materials in Use.

    • Don't be seduced by "cheap and convenient" disposable products.  They cost exponentially more in the long run (both in terms of money and pollution).

  3. Regenerate Natural Systems.

    • Can you compost your food waste?  If your community does not offer a municipal composting program, start asking your local officials why not.

    • Source products that are non-toxic, organic, ethically sourced and grown.

And remember, you're not recycling unless you BUY RECYCLED products.  Purchasing recycled products is THE ONLY WAY to "close the loop" on all of your recycling efforts.

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