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The Purpose Behind Our Clothing ReDesign Service

To become more-conscious consumers, we're told over and over again to consume less, take care of the products we own, and "be creative" to reuse and refurbish the products we already have. However, there are few resources to help consumers do that, and most companies are trying to sell you NEW things to solve your problems, which must be made from either virgin or recycled materials.

Our ReDesign service is designed to help you keep loving and using the clothing you already own for longer. This keeps clothing and textiles out of landfill (as of 2018, 7.7% landfill waste is clothing or textiles, according to the EPA) and reduces our dependance on virgin natural resources, like cotton, oil and forests. The production of new textiles from raw materials is responsible for more than 70% of total carbon emissions from the apparel and footwear industry, according to McKinsey's Fashion on Climate Report. This graph can be found on pg 9 of this report.

Because we at Circular Fashion LA don't source ANY new textiles (we do source new trims) and instead add value to change or update the existing garment, we eliminate approximately 67% potential carbon emissions from our business model from the beginning. That allows us to focus our R&D on eliminating the remaining 33% potential carbon output, to become a Truly Circular fashion brand. One that solves our ever-evolving need for newness in our wardrobes, without the guilt of what that might be doing to our planet.

So start Loving your Clothes for Longer with our ReDesign service.


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