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"The Importance of Transparency and Trust in the Textile Industry"

The textile industry is constantly innovating in its technology and practices used. However, one place that still needs to change is the marketing of the companies in the industry. A lot of different promises and preaching can be made in a marketing campaign, but what good will that do without clear evidence that we can see? This is where transparency is important.

Read the full article: "It's Not Easy Being Green: t’s Not Easy Being Green: Transparency Within the Textile, Apparel Industry" written by Dorothy Crouch, published to California Apparel News on February 2, 2023.

Transparency in the textile industry can help build trust more with consumers. Without taking action on these promises made, it leads companies down the road of greenwashing. In California Apparel News' article, "It's Not Easy Being Green: Transparency Within the Textile, Apparel Industry", we and other leaders of the sustainable fashion movement give insight into the importance of transparency. We were proud to be given the opportunity to give our thoughts on the matter!

The industry needs to trend more towards giving basic information about its products. It is always a good thing to know where your clothes came from and how it was made. Another good way to show the community that you are actually putting in the effort to have cleaner practices is to show the difference that you are making and what effect your decisions have. For example, we give stats annually to showcase our impact for the year. These acts of transparency help build trust from within the industry, and between consumers. All are important steps to show which companies are being more ecologically responsible.


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