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Our Next Big Steps at Circular Fashion LA/ Our LACI Pilot Project

Recently we announced our next big steps at the LACI Power Day. We will be using grant funds from our LACI pilot project to expand our reach and impact when it comes to sustainable fashion. We have a greater goal to build our Mobile Circular Fashion LAb which will be in the form of a truck or trailer. This will allow us to bring ReDesign services, collection events, and education all across LA. These LACI funds will be used to build internal modular workstations that will eventually go into these trailers or trucks include:

  • Mobile ReDye lab

  • cut and sew stations

  • fiber identification for sorting

Image serves only as proof of concept, does not represent final product

Some great partners we will be working with are Athens Services, LACI APC, and California Product Stewardship Council. This will be an important step in making sure that the ReDesign Revolution is brought to as many people as possible! Be sure to stay tuned for what we have to share next!


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