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Our first Second Fridays for Circular Fashion event on Textile Recycling: Steps and Challenges

Thanks to the Melrose Umbrella Co for the lovely backdrop, amazing coffee and bagel sammies, as Los Angeles fashion industry leaders convened to discuss the steps and challenges of Textile Recycling on Friday, November 8, 2019. The discussion was led by Karri Ann Frerichs of and brought to light the magnitude and mass of textile recycling, the major steps and challenges, and what's currently happening in Los Angeles regarding this systemic issue.

Attendees included Los Angeles-based fashion brands (big and small), apparel manufacturing facilities, upcyclers and fashion resellers, textile recycling leaders, members of Los Angeles department of sanitation, and students.

This video highlights key information that was shared by Karri. Though it doesn't include the group conversations and questions from attendees, the conversation lasted well over an hour and we hope well beyond the venue! Thanks to all who attended and joined in the conversation!


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