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Deadstock and Vintage Fabrics vs. New Materials

What are deadstock fabrics? These are fabrics that are left over from previous projects or production-runs and are otherwise unused and basically just sitting around.

Every fabric has a carbon footprint to produce and dye the textile. In the case of our available supplies of fabrics at Circular Fashion LA, the carbon emissions of the vintage 100% cotton fabrics we're utilizing took place in the 1970s-1990s. We also source from stock piles from now-defunct brands that utilized 100% cotton fabrics produced in 2012-2015. The carbon emissions from producing these textiles are a sunk cost - it's already been spent and the fabric is essentially in waiting.

This sunk cost of carbon emissions makes deadstock and available supplies of vintage fabrics a more sustainable option than new fabrics. When we think creatively to utilize what already exists, versus making new to suit our needs right now, our carbon footprint becomes significantly smaller overtime.

Check out our reusable cloth napkins and reversible cotton face masks to help reduce household waste and stay safe during this time of pandemic.

Stay safe!

Karri Ann Frerichs


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