Stop Throwing Away Trees!
Start with your Dining Room Table

The United States consumes more paper towels than the next 4 highest consuming countries combined.  Approximately 110 million trees.  Once discarded in the landfill, these 3000 tons of discarded trees per year produce methane gas.

there is a better way

All the benefits of

100% Cotton
Our interesting prints hide stains for longevity, strike up a conversation, and wash/dry in your normal cycle.

Hint: You don't need to wash after every meal!  Wash about every 3 meals or when they feel like they need it.  Have enough on hand to get through your wash cycle, host a large gathering, and/or keep in the picnic bag.  3-4 napkins per person in your household should do the trick!

**Orders placed 7/25-7/31 will ship out August 4.**

Available in sets of 4, 6, 8 or 12!
Using Cloth Napkins at every meal and switching to Recycled Paper Towels for the rest of your kitchen needs will do your part to save these 110 Million Trees (so they can do their part to keep our planet healthy)!
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