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Benefits of Adding Cloth Napkins to your Dining Experience this Valentines Day!

Have you ever noticed how many napkins we use a day? While you eat, while cleaning up a mess? A significant amount is wasted each day, and these small pieces of paper quickly accumulate. Instead of contributing to the growing pile, consider cloth napkins to save the trees! Similar to reusable straws, cloth napkins help to slowly save the planet. By reusing, we eliminate waste, and are also free to choose styles and color for our reusable items! Typically 3 or 4 napkins per person in each household would be ideal, and wash them regularly with your laundry.

Thinking of adding a festive pop of color this Valentines at the dinner table? Paper napkins get tossed after one sitting, and cotton napkins can get recycled at the end of their life. With our napkins, once you feel it has been overused, or in the mood for a new style, you can send them back to us and we will recycle them for you! This Valentines Day, buy a pair for you and that special person! These reusable napkins spice up the dinner table and will also save you money in the long run! Check out our napkins here

Circular Fashion LA offers a variety of patterns to get you started spicing up your dinner table!


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