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An L.A. Top for the L.A. Girl

Hot weather and hot styles come to mind when I picture L.A. and the people you'll run into there. While working with Circular Fashion L.A. we started thinking of garments the residents of the L.A. area might want to wear. While selling pieces at the Melrose Trading Post Karri was seeing many girls wearing crop tops and strapless bra tops day in and out. So what did she do with this new information, she came back to me with an idea and we began working. That's when we happened upon the tie top idea and bounced around many ideas to get a top that we felt fit the Melrose girl.

While working with Karri we created a variety of tie top styles that were all reversible so you could have two shirts in one. We used a plethora of print vintage pattern fabrics that we had to give the tie tops a unique look for each side. In order to minimize scrap waste we strategically cut out each top, which allowed for us to make multiple garments from one pice of fabric.

The tie tops come in two unique styles, the first being a strapless handkerchief top. This top sits right on the bust and provides comfortable coverage mixed with style. The second version is a strapped bra top that is a bit more tailored and designed for support while still providing flare to your wardrobe. All tops have two sides of contrasting but complementary prints that can be worn for whatever mood you're in.

We hope you enjoy these pieces and rock the LA girl style, and down below is the link the Circular Fashion LA instagram where you can see mores pieces and prices!

By: Joey Coward


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