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80% of Clothes Are Rarely Worn, How Can We Fix That?

According The Muse, only 20% of clothing in your closet is worn. The rest of it sits away collecting dust in your closet. Why is that? Many of us have weeks worth of garments, yet only regularly use a select few. We purchase clothing for special events, or because it catches our attention at the store, and ends up being worn a couple times before it is forgotten. A, “majority of people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time.” Is it more convenient to repeat the same outfits? It could also be a factor of comfort, or not having to plan elaborate outfits everyday.

Consumption states at least more than 50% of the items in your closet have been rarely worn. They lay in the closet, and at times we can not bring ourselves to throw them away just in case they are worn again. There could be clothes that no longer fit us or our style, or are just emergency clothes. Instead of taking up space and purchasing more clothing that may not be worn again, consider upcycling! Next time you are in the closet, look through your clothes and consider which garments will definitely not be used again, and what can be turned into something brand new! Circular Fashion LA can help give a new life to your unworn clothing, and turn it into something that will be worn more often, or give it a brand new home! All done in a way that does not harm the planet and will reuse a garment's life.


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