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Our Power Day pitch at LACI

Circular Fashion LA is pushing the ReDesign Revolution to find more sustainable practices in the fashion industry. The waste coming from the fashion industry is staggering, with it being responsible for large amounts of emissions and waste globally. At Circular Fashion LA, we strive to think differently by striking our carbon emissions down by 75% by using already existing materials instead of new ones, offering upcycling as a service, and keeping our prices competitive with fast fashion. Another way we accomplish this goal is through our ReDesign memberships, which make your wardrobe circular and sustainable through Repairing, Redying, and Recycling.

Our next big steps are to create the Mobile Circular Fashion Lab that will allow us to bring our Redesign services across LA County and demonstrate how we can expand to more cities. This mobile lab will be complete with cut and sew stations and a ReDye lab. This makes it easier for us to do community collection events and bring the ReDesign Revolution to more people.


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