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Do Your Research! Helpful Tools to Make Shopping Sustainably Easier

When you are shopping for your next outfit or just need some retail therapy - don't be fooled by incredibly low prices that seem Too Good To Be True! Here's a secret - those prices are too good to be true. Those amazingly low prices are the products of human exploitation, massive amounts of waste and climate denialism.

But don't take our word for it. The most important thing you can do to be a better sustainability hero is RESEARCH!!! So here are some great articles and tools from a variety of sources that can help you do just that.

Here's to a brighter, more sustainable and more equitable future!

- Karri Ann Frerichs

Many of these sources were mentioned in Circular Fashion LA's August 12, 2023 presentation at LACI and focus predominately on problems within the Los Angeles garment sector. There are so many more resources and we encourage you to keep researching!


ReMake's Fashion Accountability Report - 2022. "An assessment of 58 of the world's largest companies across fast fashion, luxury and big box + sustainable alternatives."


NY Times Article 2019: "Fashion Nova's Secret: Underpaid Workers in Los Angeles" by Natalie Kitroeff



Ellen MacArthur Foundation's "A New Textile Economy: ReDesigning Fashion's Future" - 2017



"Made in LA" Documentary - 2007: from Semilla Verde Productions, Ltd.


California Product Stewardship Council - advocacy group for CA legislation


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