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Discussion with SuperLooper, Baby/Kids Clothing Rental Non-Profit out of the UK.

In January, Karri met with Jenny Barrett, founder of Superlooper - a social enterprise that facilitates donating and renting baby and maternity clothes, and local Mom meet-ups in her community of Brighton UK. They met at the Century City mall in Los Angeles and talked about everything from what Jenny's learned from her meet-ups, challenges of balancing family and career life (for Jenny in both Brighton and Los Angeles!), and how we can make recycling simpler by making wiser choices.

With babies growing twice their size by the age of one and eight times by two, this fast-paced growth rate leaves a lot of unused clothing just sitting around in closets. For SuperLooper, Jenny talks about her mission of changing the mentality towards how we will recycle and what we do with things we don't need anymore. Listen to learn how this social enterprise is breaking the grasp of the linear economy by making small changes that have a big impact on our future.

Super Looper will be launching this Spring 2020 in Brighton and Hove, UK.

Listen to the discussion audio file here:

- by Victoria Garcia (with contributions from Karri Ann Frerichs), member of our Spring 2020 Internship Team


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