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Check out our new levels of fashion subscription boxes!

Circular Fashion LA now offers 3 different tiers of subscriptions to get you started on your journey to a sustainable wardrobe!

Using our first tier, Thrift Flipper, you can Discover 2 new styles from our resale inventory or Repair, Refit, and ReDye old styles to ReDesign them into something you can keep on loving! Your ReDesigned garments will be received in the next shipment and will come in zero-waste packaging with no boxes to break down. Finally, you can earn rewards towards free months or gift them to your friends!

If you use our second tier, Style Icon, you get access to all previous services in addition to being able to receive designs more curated towards your tastes. This subscription tier also allows you to both ReDesign and discover 2 new styles from all our inventory, including our higher-end Upcycled Originals. You can send us feedback each month so we can better get to know your unique tastes and styles.

Using our Power House subscription you can receive cloth napkin prints, share the subscription with adults in the household, have shipments be focused on specific people, and ensure your home is zero waste from all textiles while having access to the benefits of our two previous tiers! This tier lets you ReDesign 2 garments, and discover 3 new styles, with each shipment focusing on one person to properly fit their style.


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