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We're Featured on Eco Justice Radio's Podcast, Circular Fashion: Designing for Equity, Environment

Circular Fashion LA was featured on EcoJustice Radio's podcast to spread the word about sustainable and Circular Fashion to a larger audience. Speaking on the podcast with co-host Jesicca Aldrige is Karri Ann Frerichs, the founder, and CEO of Circular Fashion LA. She focuses on zero-waste product development within the fashion industry and spreading the word about Circular fashion, a system in which great importance is given to responsible materials used, labor, manufacturing, and the end-of-life for every garment. The main idea is to give clothing a longer lifetime to reduce the amount of harm caused by manufacturing new garments.

You can check out this podcast to learn more about Circular Fashion LA on EcoJustice Radio's podcast. EcoJustice Radio focuses on giving voices in the community a greater impact when it comes to environmental, social, and climate issues. Their aim is to inspire people to act and think more about the climate issues that face the United States and the rest of the world every day. You can support them on their Patreon to make sure that more people are made aware of these problems.


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