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Cooley: Hosting Employee Event with Circular Fashion LA

 Cooley Law Firm is a legal firm specializing in advocacy and corporate responsibility, committed to fostering sustainability and responsible business practices within various industries. Circular Fashion LA and Cooley Law Firm announce their collaboration for an exclusive private event aiming to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Combining Circular Fashion LA's expertise in circularity and eco-conscious practices with Cooley Law Firm's legal advocacy and corporate responsibility, the partnership underscores a joint vision for a sustainable future. The event offers attendees a clothing dyeing activity using Circular Fashion LA's sustainable dye, fostering garment rejuvenation while educating on circular fashion principles.  By coming together, we aim to educate about repairing and rejuvenating older apparel into better quality and empower individuals and organizations to make conscious choices that benefit both people and the planet. Together, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive impact, and we invite like-minded companies to join us in our mission to reshape the fashion industry for a more sustainable future. If your company shares our vision and is interested in collaborating, we encourage you to contact Circular Fashion LA to explore partnership opportunities. Let's work together towards a more sustainable and circular fashion ecosystem.

Click below and fill out the events form if your company wants to partner with Circular Fashion LA!


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