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See for yourself Circular Fashion LA's 2022 Impact

A lot of companies, including those in the fashion industry, like to use words to make them seem favorable in the public eye. They may call themselves ethical, sustainable, or clean, but they might not have the information to back it up. Circular Fashion LA has this information ready to show that we are helping out from environmental, economic, and community standpoints.

Circular Fashion LA's 2022 environmental impact report
Circular Fashion LA's overall impact

Some things that we are doing to help the environment are:

  • using only compostable and recyclable materials in all of our packaging including shipping

  • Water savings of 90% per garment compared to one made with new materials

  • Avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases by 70% by choosing to work only with post-consumer clothing and textiles

We also help our customers by prolonging the lifespan of their clothes, reducing the number of new clothes they have to buy, and reducing the harmful effects of fast fashion. So far we've sold 3,200 upcycled products, remember that every little thing counts!

Finally, we also are helping to ensure that the ReDesign Revolution is here to stay for the future. We provide internship opportunities to youth and educate communities in LA on the concept of Circular Fashion. So when you're lost in a sea of greenwashing, remember to look for a company's impact points to confidently determine the authenticity of their claims.

Circular Fashion LA's 2022 impact at a glance
Circular Fashion LA's 2022 impact


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