Upon completing your payment

You'll be taken to our Measurements Profile page to begin entering basic measurement information.  You don't need to fill in every measurement for every person right away.  We'll start with the basics for the first user and you can add in more details and the remaining users later on as needed.

Receiving your starter kit

You already told us the napkin print you'd like to start with.  Once we receive some basic measurements from the first user, we'll pull any garments from our library that fit your profile and will send you up to 3 styles at a time to try out.  There is no guarantee that we will have garments in your size at any given time as our library is constantly evolving.

Your starter kit will also include numerous color-coded cards to pin to each garment, telling us the work you'd like to have completed.

Return items each month or keep them at our discounted member rate

Return each set of napkins and any library garments in your next monthly shipment.  OR, if you love and want to keep any napkins or library garments for longer (or permanently) you'll be given the opportunity to purchase each at our discounted member rates through your account. 

Any other questions before getting started?

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Free international shipping on orders of $150+
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