Pick 2 of these fun vintage prints to make your Youth-Sized cotton reversible face mask covering with dual satin elastic head straps.  Fits 3yr-12yr olds with high quality, adjustable black 1/4" elastic head straps.  Wear it around your neck as a fun scarf-necklace accessory when not in use and quickly pull it up to your face when face masks are required!  (makes a cool headband too!)

This design is perfect for active kids who, when the mask isn't needed, can pull it down around their neck and forget about it without loosing it!  Younger kids can pull it up and down easily too - see video of my 5yr old LOVING her mask!  

Pick any 2 prints for one amazing reversible face mask.  You can mix and match any prints from all of our face mask products.  Just indicate the number next to your desired print in the personalization section.  You can choose from ANY print offered in any of our face mask products, just indicate the numbers next to each print in the product photos.  

All fabric face coverings are 7inches wide x 4inches tall in the center of the mask, and 2inches tall at the sides of the mask.  2 black elastic head straps adjust from 7inches up to 12 inches.  Easy over-the-head on/off and slide to adjust length so the mask fits your face.

All pleats and seams are triple sewn for durability and all face masks can be washed and dried in your normal laundry cycle.  Every print we offer is either vintage (from the 1990's-2000s) or deadstock, which is friendlier to the environment by not consuming any new materials!

Youth Size, Adjustable, Reversible Cotton Printed Face Masks with Head Straps

  • Face masks are final sale. 

    Ships from Los Angeles, CA

  • We practice CIRCULAR SHIPPING! All orders will be shipped in a reusable recycled vinyl package that includes a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the shipper to us for free!

    For every 100 shippers used we will eliminate the consumption of 24,000 cardboard boxes, 200 trees, 500 gallons of oil, and 373,800 gallons of water.

    This also allows us to pilot our CIRCLE BACK UPCYCLING PROGRAM!! Send us any CLEAN adult or teen clothing that you don't wear anymore in your shipper and our team of designers will upcycle (or recycle) it into a new product! For more information visit, www.circularfashionla.com/upcycle

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