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Circular Design Workshop - Small Group Activity, Recording.

Thanks to all who participated live in our Circular Design Workshop! It was a great discussion and we look forward to hosting our next free workshop on 9/18 - How to Create a Circular Home Ecosystem.

You can download the slide presentation from our previous workshop, on Circular Design, held 8/21/20. Click the video below for the live recording, hosted by Karri Ann Frerichs, professor at Woodbury University and founder of Circular Fashion LA.

Part One (Presentation included):

Part Two: Small Group Activity

PDF Slides

Participants of the live workshop broke into small groups to "redesign" an every product. You can see the activity below, which is a free resource offered by the

Graphics included in the presentation also from the

Scroll through small group instructions below and click on images to enlarge. Instructions available via PDF here. Your group can pick any everyday product or choose one of these suggested products below:

See all Six Circular Strategy cards here in PDF or click on images below to enlarge.

Thank you so much for you participation!

This is a free service we offer to help accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy. We do accept donations via Patreon and we sincerely appreciate any financial support you are able and willing to offer!

Thanks again and we look forward to engaging with you further!

- Karri Ann Frerichs


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