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We've been selected by Circular Economy Club (CEC) to be the Los Angeles Chapter Organizer!

Circular Economy Club now has a Los Angeles-based chapter, which will be organized by our founder, Karri Ann Frerichs. We were selected to launch the LA-area chapter of this international organization consisting of 240+ chapters in cities across the globe. Click here to find and join the chapter in your city!

CEC will host the international Circular Cities Week 2020 on October 26-November 1 and we're excited to bring Los Angeles into the mix! Our own Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, is the Chair Elect of the C40 Cities Summit (an affiliated organization to CEC), so the timing and fit is perfect.

Stay tuned for upcoming Circular Economy Club events in Los Angeles, including the first to take place during Circular Cities Week, Oct 26 - Nov 1!


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