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Recording and Slides for Circular Cities - Los Angeles Panel Discussion

Thanks to all who registered and participated live in our discussion to learn about initiatives making LA a more Circular City! You can watch the recording, read the chat and view the slides here:


View the slide presentations shared (click images to access pdf files):

Introduction on Circular Economy Club and Circular Cities Week 2020, shared by Karri Ann Frerichs, CEC's LA Chapter Organizer:

Slides on LA's Green New Deal shared by Elena Guevara of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Office:

Slides on LA City Sanitation Textile Projects shared by Mark Hsu of LA City Sanitation and LA Industry:

Slides on LA Cleantech Incubator shared by Kelly Ferguson of LACI:

Slides on what still needs to be done as shared by Dr. Stephanie Pincetl of UCLA's IoES:

Chat Discussion

00:35:18 Ardilla Deneys: Thanks Elena! When can we expect food scrap pick up at home?

00:36:53 Sophia Wu: @Ardilla I have a suggestion for you! Check out CompostableLA - they’re a home compost pick up service :)

00:37:03 Ardilla Deneys: :)

00:37:27 donnylwhite: Thanks Elena. Are there any initiatives to incentivize LA manufacturing to be more green and utilize clean energy?

00:37:47 Nicholas Brown: @Sophia I love CompostableLA!! but has she expanded to the east side yet?

00:38:41 Sophia Wu: @nichloas I believe she’s working on it!

00:49:19 Ardilla Deneys: Mark, when do you expect the Call for Innovation Challenge to be open?

00:57:37 Mark Hsu LASAN: California Product Stewardship Council

00:58:04 Mark Hsu LASAN:

00:58:11 Mark Hsu LASAN: In SF

01:01:36 Nicholas Brown: California Product Stewardship Council, is also working on launching a textile stewardship program that will be announced to public on Nov 10th.

01:08:39 Miguel Rodas: Hey Mark, this is Miguel Rodas; Congratulations on your presentation. Excellent!!

01:32:25 STEPHANIE PINCETL: LA SAN has an interactive museum facility devoted to this question near Pacoima, it is awesome

01:33:26 Karri Ann Frerichs: LACI also has an amazing campus in DTLA that demonstrates various ways your home can become more “Circular” (but campus isn’t open now due to Covid)

01:36:54 Sophia Wu: Question for Professor Pincetl - As an urban planner, I’m curious if you see any unique challenges that LA faces in reaching circularity/diverting waste from a planning perspective

01:37:02 Kelly Ferguson - LACI: I encourage people to learn more about LACI’s APC Fellowship program - I think there is a huge opportunity here to align training and job opportunities with circular economy needs as Stephanie has pointed out.

01:37:16 hannahschatzle: do you have the name of that textile organization?

01:37:36 STEPHANIE PINCETL: Wow, that is a big question, not sure I can say anything meaningful in a chat, but happy to follow up Sophia

01:40:42 Sophia Wu: sounds good - I’ll reach out! :)

01:40:59 Isaac: Woody, well said!

01:42:21 terrific presentation

01:42:27 hannahschatzle: thank you all!

01:42:34 Kelly Ferguson - LACI: Thanks everyone, please feel reach out to learn more about LACI -

01:42:37 donnylwhite: Thank you!

01:42:45 Jennifer Kong: thanks

01:43:36 Isaac: thank you!

Thanks again to our amazing panelists and participants for this thoughtful and engaging discussion on how we can make Los Angeles a more Circular City!


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