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Recap of CEC Los Angeles Chapter Strategy Session

Thanks again to everyone who registered and joined our live discussion on August 18th! We had a variety of industries present, from Fashion and Textiles, Food and Composting, Renewable Energy and EV Battery Technologies, to the Built Environment and Education.

We shared case studies of what other CEC chapters are doing around the globe and discussed goals and ideas for our own Los Angeles-based chapter. Based on this preliminary discussion, we outlined some goals for our CEC Los Angeles Chapter, including:

  1. Form coalitions with other groups and organizations in the area who are working toward a shared goal of increased adoption of the Circular Economy.

  2. Help share stories and spread the word of what smaller businesses and grass roots efforts in the area are working on and achieving to increase adoption of the Circular Economy.

  3. Become more involved in working with municipal and county governments to help frame policy toward ensuring equitable advancement toward the Circular Economy.

We will begin hosting these events monthly (or bi-monthly) in order to make strides toward achieving these goals and further advancing adoption of the Circular Economy locally here is Los Angeles and the greater SoCal area.

If you'd like to join our Los Angeles CEC chapter (or find the local chapter in your area) visit If there isn't already a CEC Chapter in your area, you can start one, just check out this link.


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