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J.C. Summer Collection: Inspirations & a Look Behind the Seams

What does summer make you think of? For me I always picture the sun & all the vibrant colors that come into season. That's why for my summer collection with Circular Fashion LA I made garments as bright and vibrant as the season.

I really wanted to use the brights colors of summer such as neon green, neon pink, and tangerine orange to create garments that felt alive & energetic. I love being able to express myself through my clothes, and with these pieces you'll be able to express however you feel. You'll also make a statement in any room you walk into.

The collection has a wide array of ReDyed garments to choose from. There are denim jackets, sweaters, shirts & more all in fun vibrant colors. I wanted to have fun with the process, which is why there is also a variety of dye finishes to pick from. There are vertical and horizontal dye ombres and splatter dyes to spice up your wardrobe.

Enjoy your summer & let your clothes be as bold as you!

By: Joey Coward

Design Intern 2022


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