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How We Reduce Plastic Waste WithTruEarth Laundry Strips

We use laundry strips by tru earth to avoid plastic packaging waste from large detergent bottles. Naturally Makayla shares that these laundry strips are eco friendly, and are in the form of a strip that is put into the wash just as you would with a pod or powder. The benefits of switching will significantly benefit the environment and eliminate waste. The strips dissolve in the wash, and its packaging is both plastic free and lightweight. This creates no waste in regards to both packaging and the product. We can help to eliminate plastic waste that is caused by detergent bottles.

Here are some additional ways you can reduce plastic waste in your home,

Consider purchasing refillable detergent bottles! Search for areas near you that refill laundry detergent to eliminate the waste of buying an entire new bottle. Another alternative could be creating your own laundry detergent and storing it in reusable containers at home!


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