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Free Webinar Workshop! 8/21/20 - What is Circular Design?

Join us Friday, August 21 at 11:00am PST as we discuss Circular Design and break into small groups to "Redesign an Everyday Product"!

This interactive Zoom webinar is for anyone in our network interested in Sustainability and transitioning to the Circular Economy. We invite our customers, business colleagues, fellow brands, policy makers, and the general public to join in a community-driven exercise to learn more about the Circular Economy and how it's a more Equitable Economy for all people, businesses and the planet.

We'll be utilizing the CircularDesignGuide (a co-project by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO) as our template to guide us through the topics of What Makes a Product Circular and work in small groups to rethink the materials, use cases and production models of everyday products.

One Hour Free Webinar - sign up here on EventBrite.

Register to Vote and get Voter Information while signing up for this event with EventBrite's partner, Head Count.


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