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Contribute to Our Mobile Circular Fashion Lab EV Truck Campaign for Perks!

A small step towards sustainability, a big step for mankind!

CircularFashionLA is thrilled to announce our newest service line in the making: the Mobile Circular Fashion Lab! Electrically powered with zero gas emissions, this mini studio will bring sustainable fashion and upcycling services closer to you!  Join our funding campaign on Indiegogo! Show your support by donating. Contributions will yield gift cards and discounts that can be used on any service or product on our website.

All contributions over $50 or over will receive a Promo Code for 15% off purchases at CircularFashionLA!

A contribution of $100-$499, and you will receive a eGift Card equal to your contribution amount that you can spend on ANYTHING (all products, services, subscriptions) on our site. A perfect gift for a friend or loved one!

Spending $500 or more lets you divide up your gift card between 5 people! 

If you contribute $1000 or more, our CEO and Founder, Karri Ann Frerichs, who is also a University Professor of the Business of Fashion and Sustainability since 2010, can come speak with your group/organization on topics of the Circular Economy, the effects of Fast Fashion and solutions you can take. This will be conducted virtually worldwide, or in-person if you are located within Southern California. 

Additionally, if you contribute $7500 or more, you gain exclusive access to a VIP Repair and ReDye event for your group, company or organization once we acquire and outfit the truck!  If you are located outside of Southern California, we'll arrange a comparable virtual event including at-home kits for your attendees. You’ll also receive $1000 total in CircularFashionLA gift cards! We can divide your gift cards amongst up to 10 people! Spread the wealth and Circular Closet Experience! They make great gifts year round!

If you contribute over $10,000, you can get your Name/Logo on the Truck, AND all previous contribution tier benefits! We'll publicly thank you by including your name and/or logo in the graphic design of our truck so that commuters throughout Southern California see your name as we're driving our Zero Emissions truck around town! 

All contributions of any tier will receive thanks and acknowledgement in our Campaign Acknowledgment email.

Make an active choice to support Circular Fashion today!


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