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Consider Cost Per Wear in your Face Mask Purchase (and any clothing purchase) - which is cheaper?

Price shopping for face masks? Consider cost per wear in your choice of mask (as well as any clothing item). A 50-pack of disposable face masks can be purchased at Walmart for $15 = cost per wear of $.30 for 50 wears.

A reusable cloth mask for $10.50 can be worn for years, so let's calculate based on wearing it everyday for 1 year = $.02 per wear. Wear a cloth face mask 50 times (equivalent to the Walmart purchase) and cost per wear is still less at $.21 per wear. So if you'd like to save money AND the planet, consider purchasing a cloth face mask!

And the cloth face mask generates zero waste across those 50 wears (vs 450 years of medical waste per mask for the disposable variety). It just makes financial (and environmental) sense (or cents!)

- Karri Ann Frerichs


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