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Circular Home Free Workshop, Recap, Video and Presentation

Thanks to all who participated LIVE in our Free Workshop on the topic of Sustainable Home - How to Create your Circular Home Ecosystem. You can view the full workshop recording (2 parts) here. Presentation slides and the chat conversation are also included below:

Feel free to download the PDF slide presentation that was show here:

Here is the transcript of the chat comments by our audience (this was not visible in the video, unfortunately):

00:41:52 Vivi: use stainless steel water bottles/glass bottles for the beverages (do not buy juice boxes or plastic water bottles)

00:45:28 Vivi: re-uasble bags for grocery shopping

00:45:52 Andria Rose: Supporting local farmers/butchers as well

01:00:11 Vivi: I buy in a bulk store, once in a year, all the soap and detergent supplies for the household and refill them into glass dispensers/bottles

01:00:46 Vivi: this also helps me not have to worry about running out or adding to shopping lists every few months

01:02:29 ina: if i take a plastic bag or paper bag from a grocery store home, i reuse it as a trash bag for other stuff i have to throw away

01:03:14 Saravana Kumaran: In India, a company called Cupable is the 1st brand that designs, manufactrers and recycles drinkware.

01:07:22 ina: - startup from germany that tries to reduce plastic from the consumption of cleaning products - really interesting to look at what is theoretically possible

01:07:52 Saravana Kumaran: Feasting on Leftovers :)

01:08:15 ina: eat food that is over due date - is most of the time still totally fine ;)

01:08:23 Andria Rose: Thank you!!

01:08:42 Vivi: Thank you !

01:08:52 ina: Thanks :D

01:09:00 silverdrakkon: thank you

01:09:35 Saravana Kumaran: Thank you for the amazing session! Glad to be a part

We really appreciate everyone taking part from all across the globe! We offer our Monthly Workshop Series free for all so that we can accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy. If you are willing and able to donate to our cause, please support us using Patreon.

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