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Circular Design Strategies Workshop

5 mins: Break into your small groups and introduce yourselves. What do you do and what perspectives can you bring to the Circular Design process?

3 mins: Decide as a team on an everyday product you'd like to redesign using Circular Business Strategies. Your product can be one of the examples below, or it can be any product you want to discuss. Click on each image for a closer look. All graphics are courtesy of the, a free resource provided by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO.

5-10 mins: Analyze the core problem this product is solving and what key benefits it is providing its user. What needs (physical, functional, emotional) does it fulfill?

10-15 mins: Now rethink this product using any combination of the following Circular Strategy Concepts that can be adapted to an array of business models. Use this as your brainstorming session and think of as many new, more circular ways this product can be made, delivered and serviced to its customer.

10-15 mins: Decide on your best combination of ideas, and write down or draw its general concept. Why is this design and business model better for the user? How has the user experience changed and hopefully improved? How does it decrease waste and increase circularity? What systems need to be in place for this business model to make sense?

15 mins: Reconvene with the larger group and share your ideas!


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