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Our Wardrobe Repair and Design Teams offer Companies an easy way to:
Elevate your CSR strategy
Improve corporate culture
Enahnce employee benefits
Increase confidence and performance in your team! 
Because when your clothing fits and you know you look good, there's nothing you can't accomplish!
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability experts agree: Consumers need to reuse, repair and repurpose their clothing in order to reduce the devastating toll the fashion industry is taking on the environment.
When you book us, you divert clothing from landfill, extend the life of existing clothes, and reduce mass consumption of the fast fashion products that are harmful to the environment.
After each visit, we provide you the data that measures your positive impact so you can include in your annual ESG reporting and look more attractive to shareholders and investors.
Including smaller perks like monthly transit passes and fully stocked break-rooms go a long way toward recruiting and retaining the talent you need to grow your business.  
Our wardrobe repair and tailoring service is especially attractive for sales and other customer-facing teams who spend money regularly to look their best while representing your business!
Because great fitting clothes increase personal confidence, and more confident sales people close more business!
Companies who foster a great "work culture" retain their employees longer.  We'll coordinate a dynamic wardrobe improvement event that will excite your employees and directly benefit your team's confidence and productivity!
We "set up shop" in your conference room area and work with each team member on a managed schedule that doesn't disrupt your day.  We'll manage an organized clothing swap and even haul away all end-of-life clothing and textiles to be recycled or upcycled!  
Tell us your office zip code and how many people on your team to learn pricing and availability
Currently, we service all of Los Angeles County​ in California.
If you're headquarters are somewhere else and you are interested in our service, fill out the form and we'll be in touch!

We'll be in touch within 24hours!

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Your Wardrobe Improvement Event
On the day of, have your team members bring in:
  • All clothing that needs repair and/or tailoring.

  • Any clothing or home textiles they want to donate or recycle.

We'll "set up shop" in your conference room area

Our team of 3+ sewing, tailoring and styling specialists will be onsite to service all of your clothing repair and tailoring needs, including an organized clothing swap! 

Repair and Tailoring
Organized Clothing Swap
Measurement Profiles
Styling Advice
Textile Recycling
 = Happy, Confident, Productive Coworkers!
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