Clothing Rental
We offer a couple ways to rent clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh with our budget friendly plans.
Good for:  Short term rentals.  Special events.  If only 1-2 items interest you.  If you just want to own it.
How it works:  Purchase each item as normal and return when finished.  We'll credit your form of payment based on the time you kept each item (up to 8 weeks).  See the Rental and Return section in each product's details for more info.
Cost:  $9.00-$15.00 per week per item for up to 8 weeks!  Plus $10 one-time fee for round-trip shipping and garment maintenance. Full price of item is charged up front and money is credited back to your form of payment based on date the return label is scanned by Post Office.
Available to customers in the United States only.
Good for:  A rotating wardrobe.  Experiment with different styles.  
How it works:  Click on Monthly Subscription to choose your first 3 items and sign up for the monthly payment plan.  You can rotate your items for 3 new items as often as every 2 weeks!  Cancel any time once all items are returned. 
Cost:  $85 per month includes the cost of round trip shipping and up to 2 shipments per month!  For any items you want to keep, $28 of your monthly rental price will count as a prepayment toward the item!
Available to customers in the United States only.
Step One:  Filter by your size to see what we have available for you.
Step Two:  Decide how you want to rent: Weekly (shop below) or Monthly (click here!)
Step Three:  Enjoy your new wardrobe!
Weekly Rental: Purchase your item like normal below.  See "Rental and Return" section within each product for exact details.
Monthly Subscription: Click to sign up for our Monthly Subscription Plan and choose your first 3 items!
This sassy summer collection features vibrant prints to jazz up your wardrobe!  Designed AND made in Los Angeles  in small batches (only about 35 of each style and print were produced).  Wear it once, 5 times or forever!
100% cotton for the hottest of summers.  Fun prints to jazz up your solids and basics.  Wash in your normal cycle and hang-dry.  Pockets IN EVERYTHING!!  Adjustable straps!!  Built in bras!!  Every style has built-in stretch to fit a variety of body shapes.
Free shipping to the US on orders of $85+
Free international shipping on orders of $150+
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