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Circular Fashion LAb by Woodbury University

Made possible by a grant from Woodbury University in Burbank, CA

Because we don't source any new textiles, we eliminate approximately 67% of potential GHG emissions as compared to other fashion brands who source from virgin natural resources.  Through access to facilities and funding of some supplies via a Faculty Development Grant, Woodbury University is providing us the runway to perform the research and development required to tackle the remaining 33% of potential GHG emissions and carbon footprint. 


We're working to break the traditional fashion production model and create a truly circular, zero waste solution for customers to achieve their ideal wardrobe that's as unique as they want it to be.  Check out our work in Woodbury University's innovative textile dye lab and overall Maker's Space! 


If you're a student wanting to pursue a competitive degree in design, check out in Burbank, CA.  

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