Reduce household consumption of disposable paper towels and single-use napkins (saving millions of trees per year).
Reduce consumption of new clothing items by making your existing items fit you better and look more unique.
Our 8Rs of Circular Fashion
Wear your clothing longer.  Make your old favorites last forever!
We resew and reenforce seams, fix and patch holes, depil old knits and other repair services.
and Tailor
When the "idea" of a garment and how it looks when you're wearing it don't match up - that's where tailoring comes in.  We can "take-it-in" and "let-it-out" in all the right places and reshape any outstretched knits.
Get your full measurements profile.
Breathe new life into something old and tired.  We can add interesting touches and details (maybe even dye it a different color) to jazz up boring or basic pieces.
We'll turn something old or unused into a completely new product or use! 
Just like in the Sound of Music, we can turn your old curtains into new clothes.  Or turn your old clothes into a new floor pouf.  Or any number of other creative ideas!
When an item you provided sells to someone else, earn credits toward extra purchases and cool projects
We'll shred any zero-value textiles into fillers for products or work with our recycling partners to create new textiles from old clothes to ensure clothing and textiles never reach the landfill.  
Because we know your fit, and we measure every garment, we can send you clothing that's nearly guaranteed to fit you the way you want!  As items that match your measurements become available, we'll include styles in your monthly shipment.
Wear and send back new-to-you items from our ever evolving library of garments, accessories and textiles.  Keep your favorites at our membership prices!
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